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Onnoir Beauty

Aura Cleanse and Protection Bath

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Onnoir Goddess spiritual bath was curated to clear away negative energy, enhance mood and increase protection against negative energy. Although it can be used anytime you need to clear away negative energy, it is most effective when used during a full moon.


  • Effectively clears negativity from the spirit and mind
  • Enhances and promotes positive mood
  • Draws of negativity and impurities 
  • Eases sore muscles
  • Purifies the body 

A few of the many potent ingredients and uses:

  • Cinnamon- Increases protective vibrations
  • Bay Leaf- Increases protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, and  healing 
  • Cloves- Protection, banishing hostile/negative forces
  • Hyssop- Remove curses and hexes
  • Agrimony- Dispels negative emotions, wards off negative energy
  • Pink Himalayan Salt- Draws own negativity and purifies.
  • Rose Petals-Promotes happiness and love
  • Lemons- Spiritual purification and removal of blockages.



Ingredients: Pink Himalayan salt, herb infused Sea Salt, Epsom salt, essential oil blend 

Product size: 4 oz. 

DISCLAIMER:  This product contain herbs and essential oils.  If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed,  please don't use the product.  Onnoir Beauty not liable for illness or allergic reaction.

Read product instructions and always do the 24 hour skin test.

Storage:  Store in a cool place